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A data engine to automate reporting and operations for agencies and TPs

Build trust with your clients, motivate your team, and reduce time spent on tedious data collection and integration tasks from platforms in China and the rest of Asia with the INTEGRAT3 data engine

Benefits overview

INTEGRAT3 lets you increase your agency’s efficiency, build further trust with clients, and focus on delivering value instead of time-consuming data collection and reporting.

Our data engine removes the complexity that comes with reporting and integrating  data sources from platforms in China and across Asia to you or your clients’ data warehouses, BI tools, OMS, and ERP systems.

We provide white-labeled reports or integrate directly with your own data warehouse, data visualization, operations, and advanced modelling tools.

Increased efficiency

Save time on time-consuming reporting tasks with our automated data collection and transformation tools

Powerful and flexible

Our single API allows you to easily integrate data from Asian eCommerce and marketing platforms with the data warehouse or BI tools your agency uses

Prove your ROI

Easily demonstrate the value of your services with automated access to cross-channel insights

Scalable and robust

Manage multiple clients' data with ease and allocate resources to higher value activities such as data analysis and strategy

Reporting and Analytics

Reduce the countless hours you spend on reporting, use the data visualization and modelling tools of your choice, create the data views clients need, and give yourself the time to concentrate on delivering valuable insights to your clients instead of cleaning and transforming data.

Easy implementation

Adding new data sources and platforms in China and across Asia takes minutes instead of months and changing to a new destination is only a few clicks away.

Your choice of tools

INTEGRAT3 works with your existing data visualization tools and workflows giving you the freedom to store and use data in the way you or your clients want.

Business-ready data

Let our business-ready data models do the tedious work of cleaning, transforming and mapping data for you so that you can focus on asking the right questions and giving your clients the answers they need.

eCommerce Operations

Continually sychronize data from eCommerce platforms in China and the rest of Asia and never have to worry about another OMS, ERP, or WMS integration again with our automated connectors and single API.

Easy OMS integrations

Automated source connectors to Tmall and all other major platforms in Asia combined with our elegant and easy-to-use API reduce the cost and complexity of ERP, OMS, and WMS integrations.

Reliable and timely data

Never again be left waiting for reliable and up-to-date sales, inventory, and refund data with our automated and resilient connectors.

Automated data pipelines

Stop losing valuable time manually synchronizing data from multiple sources and fixing broken pipelines due to API changes with our robust data engine.

Increased efficiency

Significantly reduce time spent on integrations and maintenance with our automated and resilient connectors, powerful admin console and developer-friendly API.

Safe and compliant

All data is encrypted in-flight/at-rest and locality controls give you the tools you need to remain compliant with relevant regulations.


Powerful SQL-based in-warehouse transformations, fully documented APIs, example data generators, and sandbox environments make dealing with data from China sources easy.

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