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What is INTEGRAT3?
Access to business-ready data from eCommerce and marketing platforms in Asia, wherever you want it

INTEGRAT3 collects, cleans, and transforms 1st party data from sales and marketing platforms in China and the rest of Asia. 

We then make business ready data available via a single API and managed destination connectors to your choice of data warehousing, BI, marketing, and operational tools.

China source connectors

Source connectors

Connect to and integrate Asian data source connections in minutes rather than months.   INTEGRAT3 offers pre-built source connectors to Tmall,, WeChat and other top sales and marketing platforms in Asia.

Continually synchronize business critical data with our automated, resilient and maintenance free connectors.  We do the heavy lifting when APIs change so you can focus on more important tasks.

Have a data source we haven’t connected to yet?  Contact our team and we’ll build one for you.


Admin console

The INTEGRAT3 admin console frees you from tedious data transformation and management tasks. 

Take control of your data pipelines with our  easy to use destination-ready schemas and pre-built models or run your SQL-based own post-load transformations.

Secure and compliant

All data is encrypted in-flight/at-rest and locality controls give you the tools you need to remain compliant with relevant regulations.

Destination-ready models

Save time and free yourself from tedious transformation tasks and automatically clean and map your data into pre-built and buinsess-ready schemas made specifically for data from Asian platforms.

Developer-friendly API

Send business-ready data to any destination with our fully documented API with sandbox and example data generators.

Fully managed connectors

Leave the heavy lifting to us with easy to use, resilient, and maintenance free end-to-end source to destination connectors for top BI, ERP, and Customer Experience tools.

SQL-based transformations

Model your specific business logic with SQL-based in-warehouse transformations.

Rate limiting and event monitoring

Don't exceed platform rate limits with pre-configured limits set for each source platform and monitor pipeline status with and easy to use event monitoring dashboard.



Within minutes of connecting one of our source connectors, you’ll be able to send business-ready to your own data warehouse or directly to the BI, data visualization, operations, or customer experience tool of your choice.

Business users will be able to access the data they need quickly, reliably, and in the right format.

Our pre-built destination connectors will have business-ready data flowing and synchronising within minutes, and our fully documented and developer-friendly API lets you connect to any destination source you like.

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