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A Guide to Weibo for International Brands

Weibo can be a powerful tool for international brands in China, but only if they can unlock the potential of the data available. … Read More

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Buy vs. Build: What Kind of Data Integration Will Best Serve Your Business?

When you consider the opportunity costs inherent in waiting up to 6 months to begin harvesting and using data, does building your own data pipeline still make sense? … Read More

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How Automated First-Party Data Can Help Brands Expand Their Advertising Reach in Asia

Automating your first-party data pipeline in Asia can unlock new programmatic advertising opportunities. … Read More

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Why Social CRM Matters For International Brands in China, and How They Can Capitalize On It

Becoming a trusted brand in China requires an understanding of exactly where, when and how consumers want to interact with your brand. And that means International brands need to make use of Social CRM on platforms like WeChat. … Read More

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Product Update April 2021

INTEGRAT3 updates released in April 2021:

1) Weibo Ads Connector
2) Simplified Tmall Logistics Connector
3) New Tmall API Simulators for Developers … Read More

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How Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL) Can Unlock Cross-Border eCommerce Opportunities in China

Chinese eCommerce presents an unignorable opportunity for foreign businesses and this sets the stage for third-party logistics providers to position themselves as a vital bridge to the Chinese market.

In this article, we’re going to explore the data challenges 3PLs face when shipping into China – and offer an alternative approach that will make data far easier to access. … Read More

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How marketing agencies in Asia can drive growth and streamline operations with a centralized data engine

Today’s marketing agencies are using data to develop strategies and insights that drive value for their clients and to report back on the ROI of their activities and campaigns. However, getting access to this data in a business-ready format, especially in Asia, isn’t as straightforward.

In this article, we show how a centralized data engine gets agencies back to asking ‘what do we do with data to drive value?’ instead of ‘how do we get the data?’ … Read More

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Breaking down data silos to win in China eCommerce

Multi-platform strategies are crucial for building your brand in China, but managing the data from multiple platforms and agencies can be a headache.

In this article, we explain how data silos form and how to break them down to make faster and better decisions to win in China. … Read More

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Guide to Tmall API to ERP Integrations

The Tmall API is complex and point-to-point integrations to your ERP or other back-end systems are expensive to build and maintain.

In this article, we break down details of the Tmall API, your integration options, and how to save yourself from tedious data management tasks. … Read More

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Guide to Tmall Analytics for International Brands in China

Navigating and understanding China eCommerce can be challenging for international brands.

In this article, we’ll break down the basics of what data is available and how you can make the best use of it to build and drive your brand in China. … Read More

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