How IT service providers can streamline BI and Data Warehouse implementations in Asia

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Data Is Only Valuable if You Have Time to Make Use of It

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Why Brands Must Future-Proof Their Data Foundation in Asia

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A Guide to WeChat for International Brands

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A Guide to Weibo for International Brands

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Buy vs. Build: What Kind of Data Integration Will Best Serve Your Business?

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Why Social CRM Matters For International Brands in China, and How They Can Capitalize On It

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Product Update April 2021

INTEGRAT3 updates released in April 2021:

1) Weibo Ads Connector
2) Simplified Tmall Logistics Connector
3) New Tmall API Simulators for Developers … Read More

How Third Party Logistics Providers (3PL) Can Unlock Cross-Border eCommerce Opportunities in China

Chinese eCommerce presents an unignorable opportunity for foreign businesses and this sets the stage for third-party logistics providers to position themselves as a vital bridge to the Chinese market.

In this article, we’re going to explore the data challenges 3PLs face when shipping into China – and offer an alternative approach that will make data far easier to access. … Read More