INTEGRAT3 Product Update – April 2021

1. Weibo Ads Connector Now Available

We have expanded the Weibo connector to now include Weibo Ads data. Clients using this connector will now have access to advertising performance data including:

– Impressions, traffic, and interaction metrics
– Enhanced app download, landing page, and WeChat conversion objective metrics

Documentation for the INTEGRAT3 Weibo Ads connector can be found here.

2. Simplified Tmall Logistics Connector

A simplified version of the Tmall connector was released this month to cater for logistics use cases. This lightweight version provides a streamlined option for 3PLs and logistics software providers to:

1. Retrieve order details from Tmall
2. Transform data to meet your specific business needs
3. Load directly into your own logistics management tool or WMS
4. Push tracking numbers and carrier updates back to Tmall

Documentation for the INTEGRAT3 Tmall logistics controller API can be found here.

3.  New Tmall API Simulators for Developers

New and easier to use developer controls for the INTEGRAT3 API were released this month. These enhancements allow you to easily:

1. Create your own API keys and webhooks
2. Generate simulated order data from the Tmall API sandbox
3. Test both pulling and pushing data to the INTEGRAT3 API/Tmall connector from your destination


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